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Tom Polakow

Nurse | Entrepreneur | CEO

Entrepreneur Redefined.

My passion is building business and inspiring others who come from nothing, that they can become anything.

Registered Nurse

I grew up around medicine and started my career at an early age as a CNA. I have spent the majority of my RN career in Orthopaedics, the medical specialty that focuses on injuries and diseases of the body’s musculoskeletal system. I have worked alongside Dr. Patrick Birmingham, a well respected orthopedic surgeon and team physician for the Chicago Bears, and continue to act as the Director of Nursing for the top performing, Orthopaedic only, home healthcare agency, Aspire Home Healthcare.


I am the CEO and co-founder of CryoPure Spa, which focuses on holistic practices to reduce pain, promote athletic recovery and provide non-invasive, natural beauty treatments. I am also currently acting as the Manager as well as the Marketing Director for our first retail location.


After starting my first business, CryoPure Spa, I realized that my passion has always been to build businesses. From the beginning of my professional career, I’ve always had an itch to solve problems I noticed by creating new processes and leveraging technology for seamless workflow. Soon after the launch of our retail store, I began working on an application to improve scheduling of clinicians in an efficient manner for home health agencies nationwide.


“Pursue a life that you don’t need to take a vacation from”.

My goal in life is to create a balance where life meets work at a parallel.

Current Business Ventures.

Tom Polakow


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